Power line Stringing in Surabaya
MMC Drone Help Transmission Project and Fly Over 70KV Active Power Line in Surabaya
January 20, 2017
Drone for Power line Stringing
Spider Drone Solution for Powerline Construction /Power Line Stringing
January 20, 2017

ChinaDaily Lead You to Visit MMC New Factory R&D centers China

We at MMC develop supreme UAVs that are focused on enhancing productivity, improving work safety and efficiency. Through an innovative, precise and sincere approach to our customers, products and employees, MMC conquers the world with its cutting edge copters and alternative energy solutions.

Our R&D centers in North America and China deliver high quality, smartly designed unmanned aerial vehicles that enable people and businesses around the world to realize their full potential while saving the environment. Our multirotor drones offer extensive variety of uses, a safer working environment and a lucrative future followed by long-lasting commitment to all of our clients.