Spanish Medias Reported Drone for Power Line Stringing – It’s Lower Cost, Better for the Environment, and Better for People
March 3, 2017
drone for animal protection
MMC Using A6 Plus Professional Drone for Animal Protection
March 10, 2017

MMC Spider’s Transnational Demo in Thailand Approaching Soon

drone for power line stringing

Professional drone manufacturer MMC (also known as Stringing Equipment manufacturer), will have a demonstration of power line stringing for EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) from 14th Mar. to 15th Mar. in Bangkok with power line stringing uav. The demonstration will follow the policy of 1 km free demo. That will be another big transnational demonstration for MMC since power line stringing project in Bhutan, India, Kalimantan and Surabaya using the Spider solution.

In recent years, the Thai government has increased the investment in the development of power projects to meet the requirement of its rapid economic growth. Traditional method of power line stringing based on human labor misfits the green-economy and humanism wasting time, human resource and always sacrificing the environment. MMC’s drone solution of Spider has established a good reputation in the drone market by its one-stop service. EGAT, the largest power producer in Thailand applies for a demonstration to MMC. The demo site is arranged at Sikui site, a mountain area. Besides EGAT and MMC staff, the Vietnam power transmission companies including Song La Technical Equipment Limited Company will be at scene to join the big event.

If you have power line stringing project in Thailand, please contact, or call 755 86074603 to see power line stringing demonstrations or get free demo service.

About Spider

Spider is a complete set of drone solution of power line stringing solution covering professional drone F6 Plus, schemes and pilots team to help finish stringing project without deforestation, damage to farmland and environment. in 2016, with overhead power lines stringing solutions PLN Indonesia Power Program. and at the same year, MMC helped KEC International Ltd to complete power line stringing project in Bhutan of high altitude under the Spider drone solution.

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