Drone Fly Over the Residential House Roofs Help Indonesia's Power Line Stringing Project
Drone for Transmission Line Stringing Procedure
April 14, 2017
Kazakhstan Delegation visiting MMC drone Factory
April 19, 2017

Ambassador Delegations Visiting Drone Giant MMC

UAV showroom

MMC’s rapid development of industrial UAV drones has attracted a great deal of attention from the overseas. In April, 2017, delegations from the Armenia, Syria, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Lithuania, the Philippines, Singapore, Russia, Slovakia, Pakistan, Georgia, Palestine, most of whom are ambassadors to China such as Armenian ambassador H.E Mr. Sergey and Syrian ambassador H.E.Mr. Imad Moustapha, paid a visit to MMC’s factory.

The delegation visited the product assembly line in the factory and watched the flight demonstration. They were amazed by the impact of hydrogen fuel technology on industry after seeing the flight demonstration of hydrogen-powered droneHyDrone 1550. The delegation sees MMC, as the benchmark in the industrial UAV sector industry and a future’s key contributor to UAV market development.

This meeting enhanced international exchange on innovative technology and founded a good basis for international cooperation in the drone industry.

UAV drone

       MMC staff is introducing the drone products to the delegations from different countries.

drone discussion Idea exchanging: The drone application and development are discussing in the meeting room.

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