drone pilot test
Advanced Flight Technologies for Drone Pilot Training—US vs. China
五月 11, 2017
drone for power line stringing
Total Drone Solution Package “Spider ” – The King of Overhead Power Lines Stringing Equipment
五月 12, 2017

Operating MMC Hydrogen-powered Drone —HyDrone 1550

HyDrone 1550, MMC’s hydrogen-powered drone which is made of the carbon fiber and powered by hydrogen fuel cell, breaks the limitations of the lithium battery for its flight endurance reaches 3 hours. Its advantages are long flight endurance, easy operation and high safety efficiency. The responding time towards emergencies is much shorter while effective coverage area quite lager. The HyDrone 1550 is not only used in rescue but also in power line inspection, oil inspection, forestry firefighting and monitoring, etc. Its multifunction makes it one of the most competitive drone in the world. In 2016, a testing program combining newly developed telecommunications network and MMC HyDrone 1550 was in trial in MMC’s R&D center in Shenzhen, China aiming to extend the coverage of data collection for drones.

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