hydrogen fuel cell drone
Operating MMC Hydrogen-powered Drone —HyDrone 1550
May 12, 2017
Professional drone manufacturer
MMC , World’s Top Industrial Drone Manufacturer
May 12, 2017

Total Drone Solution Package “Spider ” – The King of Overhead Power Lines Stringing Equipment

The leading commercial drone manufacturer MMC is introducing their one-stop solution for power line stringing in rugged terrain: the Spider drone solution. The MMC Spider package is an innovation in the drone industry, providing not only a high-powered industrial drone but pre-sales training, project and flight planning, operation by a professional team of pilots, and full after-sales service.

MMC has now completed over 300000 km of power line stringing across the globe. Tested in the dramatic landscapes of mountains across the Asian continent, rainforests in Indonesia, and challenging urban environments, the lessons learned make the MMC Spider the undisputed leader in the field – and MMC has created a total solution to allow energy companies everywhere to utilize it.

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