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May 18, 2017
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MMC Spider Drone Deal in Kalimantan

power line stringing drone

In the beginning of April, government pln kalimantan placed new order of Spider drone unit.

That’s the second time they place the power line stringing drone order from MMC because their 1st and 3rd field division already experience our Spider drone effectiveness.Their 3rd division requesting the government east kalimantan pln hq to purchase new Spider drones again to accelerate their stringing target in the corresponding area.The government hq of east kalimantan procurement order Spider drone for power line stringing again to backup their 3rd division onfield to meet their target.

MMC also undertake the task to train their 7 new pilots to backup the new Spider drones, so their staff can be more flexible in the field since they do multitasking job, supervising stringing process, also doing the power line stringing project.

Using this 2 Spider drones government pln east Kalimantan want to make a proposal to the their HQ for whole Indonesia so all stringing project in Kalimantan will use drones for power line stringing to accelerate the progress.

About Spider

Spider is a complete set of drone solution of power line stringing solution covering professional drone for power line stringing, schemes and pilots team to help finish stringing project without deforestation, damage to farmland and environment.

With the drone solution of Spider, MMC has accumulated rich experience of power line stringing project. In 2016, MMC helped KEC International Ltd to complete power line stringing project in Bhutan of high altitude after proposing scheme towards the topography of steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers, which form deep valleys. Well at the same year, MMC built long-term cooperation relationship with PLN, the Indonesian State Electricity Company, MMC provides drones and training for PLN’s development team. Moreover, Spider drone flew over 70KV active power line and complete power transmission in Jombang, Surabaya.


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