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七月 30, 2017
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Outstanding Companies Collaborates, MMC Drones With German Helicopters 
八月 10, 2017

Why Buying A Drone? If You Can Rent A Drone Fleet

commercial uav rental

commercial uav rental

As we all know, commercial drones are getting more and more applied in mufti-areas, as important as it’s utilizing at military space, gov security, as it’s performing a vital role in different industries like mining, power line inspection and stringing, social rescue and research, etc. UAV has become an inevitable high tech device in our life.

But while the return on investment for industrial uses is high, customers may hesitate to make an initial investment in a commercial drone before seeing what they can do. In addition, customers who may need drone technology for several different applications find that renting on an “as needed” basis makes more sense than investing in a fleet of multiple aircraft.

Purchasing a drone is not the only option for clients anymore, in pace with MMC Rental Center solution, customers can avoid the costs in both money and time to maintain, repair, and keep up to date with hardware technology fixes.

industrial drones service

As MMC PV decided to widespread this Rental Center Service to every corner of the world, it’s a great potential in drones industry as it’s open for all the commercial drone service provider and helicopter rental centers, MMC’s always been seeking for a chance to set a bridge between those industrial enterprises of drone service provider and helicopter service, which will be a magnificent experiment.

A full set of service package including 2 best industrial drones A6, pilot or pilot training as optional and a business developer, all the drone maintenance including crash, customized drones and accessories, software development, and whole marketing supports are submitted to MMC Rental Center solution.

uav industry rental center

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