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MMC Rental Center Commercial Drones Partnership Recruiting

MMC rental center, one stop commercial drone service

As a leading commercial drone manufacturer, MMC has introduced MMC Rental Center for industrial drones in India and Asia.  now planning to expand the program across the globe, opening centers in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, and South Africa.

With this new MMC Rental Center program, MMC has resolved many of the practical barriers to widespread adoption of drone technology – creating a new model for the commercial drone market.

It started from Indian and Indonesia branches on Mar 2016. As we know, both countries are cost sensitive markets, but our service providers like this service a lot, because we did help them to reduce cost and time.


MMC also realized that customers need data, not drones, plus it costs a lot of time and money to develop the database, cloud software and reporting systems. On the top of those barriers, that’s why MMC decided to carry out this service towards to the whole career world. “We want to make it as simple! As efficient! As a worthy investment for all our customers! ” says MMC VP Ling.


MMC HQ has now released this new policy targeting to all qualified UAV service providers,  and helicopter rental centers or experienced commercial drones agents, companies, institutes, and etc.

For all the candidates MMC HQ will make the best selection as our mutual-beneficial cooperation partners, for being our partners will benefit from below sites.

MMC will undertake:

  1. providing the suitable industrial drone, including hydrogen, tethered, A6, ground station, etc.
  2. Service for drones, including crash-repair. All cost of service is on MMC.
  3. Providing pilots.
  4. Customize the drone, such as developing a new payload. All cost is on MMC unless drone SPneed the service.




MMC would satisfy all your needs by working as a fleet with you, based on the profound factory productivity, superior technical team working, and fruitful industrial drones project experiences, more than thousands of times’ practicing in the air has made who we are today.

MMC welcomes and encourages all of the guests from worldwide to join our MMC Rental Center drones partnership today, to become one of the leading commercial drone service provider in UAVs industry in the near future!


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