Mercury 480 - 100% Waterproof Drone for Fishing, You Can't Miss, Fisherman!
Mercury 480 Maritime Drone, 100% Waterproof Drone Dedicated for Fishing, Sea Patrol and Rescue
October 19, 2017
MMC Drones/Accessories Show On The EXPO-MINERIA 2017(XXXII International Mining Convention)By MMC’s Distributor
October 30, 2017

MMC T1 Tether System for UAV, Power Supply System for Drone Provide 7*24 Hours Endurance

MMC T1 tether system, the universal drone tethering system, is a direct drone power supply system, providing drones with unlimited endurance much longer than the traditional Li-Po power system.

The tethered drone power supply secures the drone operations and provides reliability and safety thanks to persistent power supply. MMC T1 tether system for drone has been approved for tethered flights by clients from India, Indonesia, America, and so on.

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