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An Innovated Cooperative Direction of Applying Spraying Drones into Industry
November 29, 2017
drone cooperation
Fixed-Wing Aircraft Market Diverts its Prospect into Multi-Rotors’
December 1, 2017

Nigerian Clients Inspect MMC for the One Stop Drone Rental Service Center

The biggest oil export country, Nigeria, fills with an inestimable potential requirement from the drone market. However, most people hold their breath after learned the drone price, this newly rising market still has a relatively grand space to advance before it can provide a mass acceptable expense.

Nigerian Oil Business

In this aspect specifically, MMC has released this One Stop Drone Rental Service Center. Which can reduce customer’s economic pressure, solve the drone fly training trouble, as well as the most concerned issue: after sales service repair and maintenance. This center can assure you all above questions solved. drone rental service

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