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November 30, 2017
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December 4, 2017

Fixed-Wing Aircraft Market Diverts its Prospect into Multi-Rotors’

drone cooperation

After MMC established its German Rental Service Center by cooperating with a local helicopter company, a Korean firm is seeking cooperative opportunity with MMC to make benefit from the promising multi- rotors drone market.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

What makes multi- rotors drones triumph over fixed- wing drones can be derived from customer’s need, namely, market trend. Nowadays, drones appeal customers mostly in the industrial area, they require smaller platforms for flying and falling and hovering function, which is a difficult task for fixed- wing drones. Nevertheless, the price battle between them hasn’t been counted, the winner will be multi- rotors drones definitely. Thus, multi- rotors drones are occupying the market.

drone cooperation

MMC focuses on multi- rotors drones specifically, which contributes to the establishment of worldwide spreading service centers. Welcome to join our One Stop Drone Rental Service Center.

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