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MMC Drone is Flying above British
December 5, 2017
drone cooperation
MMC Drone is Seeking Her New Stage in Oil Pipeline Inspection Field
December 7, 2017

MMC Power Line String and Inspection Service is Spreading Globally

After several successful Indonesia power line string and inspection programs, MMC received a huge proposal from State Grid Power Line Inspection program, then our impressive service drew attention from a Brazil company.

power line string and inspection

This company has been selected by an influential real estate Group to provide drone service- power line string and inspection program, MMC naturally becomes its first choice because of the trustworthy solutions: Spider and Phoenix plus. Now the cooperation negotiation is undergoing.

drone solution

1/4 inquiries from customers are all about MMC Spider and Phoenix plus, we are surprised by the market demands, meanwhile, we learned that our former endeavor on product detail and key performance are getting well paid. These two solutions gain their reputation from over 6 years’ experience, intelligent drop system, optional payloads and synchronous data transmission.

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