Japanese software company
A Japanese Software Company Inspected MMC Technology Park
January 9, 2018
drone inspection
Japanese Visitors Inspected MMC for Drone Application in Telecommunication Inspection
January 11, 2018

Annual Training for MMC One Stop Drone Rental Service Centers

drone training

drone training

To provide a comprehensive and updated service for catching up with the roaring development of MMC drones, local technical representatives from India and Indonesia MMC One Stop Drone Rental Service Center are invited to get thoroughly training in drone producing, installing, flying, test and maintaining.

 fly training

For supporting this two weeks’ training, 8 MMC technical managers were pulled out of their tighten work schedule, and 10 translators were involved. Because MMC believes the One Stop Drone Rental Service Center will become meaningless if their local technical workers couldn’t solve customers’ practical drone problem.

drone fly training

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