flying ground
A Day of MMC Flying Ground
January 18, 2018
A Group of High- tech Enterprises from Japan Visited MMC
January 19, 2018

MMC Sock Pulling Project- USA

3rd August 2017. MMC’s partner Sharpershape had the first trial in the world using MMC A6 multi-rotor drone to do sock pulling in the USA.

In current power construction, most overhead transmission construction uses helicopters to pull a sock line to a temporary connection through a pulley system. It is a work of high risk both to the helicopter pilot and utilities. As a brave trial to find a better replacement of conventional method. Sharper Shape applied this project with MMC A6 which is competent enough to take up the task.

MMC now is setting up Rental Center with a partner in the USA. MMC Rental center in the USA provides the full services package: A6+industrial payloads, pilots, training, service and after sales

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