Philippine company visit
MMC Drones May Play their Own Show in the Sky
January 25, 2018
powerline stringing
MMC Assist PLN in Stringing Power Line for the Second Time
January 30, 2018

MMC One Stop Drone Rental Service Center

 In recent years, MMC has been asked for industrial support on drone investment, technical consultation, research and development. To response these calling, MMC started One Stop Drone Rental Service Center, to provide industrial drone renting, free maintenance service, free pilots, customized drones & payloads, professional demo and on-site support.

MMC Rental Centers has established in India, Indonesia, Germany, Russia, USA and Malaysia. Our drone service has been spread into fields like on mining, electricity, railway, windfarm, construction, natural gas, oil, agriculture, police, utilities, mining, construction, environment etc.

MMC is calling upon more partners to establish more rental centers and seeking cooperation with software developers, Universities and R&D Institutions and agencies.

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