BBS stringing project
PT. BBS Powerline Stringing Project in Java
February 6, 2018
MMC Spider for Firefighting
February 9, 2018

MMC Visited Malaysia ILSAS College (TNB Owned)

drone college

ILASA College

Mr. Lu, Vice President of MMC, visited ILSAS, which is famous among Malaysia electricity field for cultivating numerous talents to TNB and other enterprises in this industry. Leaders from this college met with Mr. Lu for the accessible and utilizable drone technology.

 drone college

Head of strategic management from ILSAS, Ms. Nor Ayuhan Abd Majid said, although industrial drone application just launched into Malaysia, the tremendous development trend should not be ignored, as well as the growing and mature approaching drone performance on high efficiency, precise and safe industrial application. While MMC has dozens of successful cases in the electrical application, therefore, their college foresees the delightful future of drone application in electrical industry and looks forward to starting a drone training school for distributing more elites to every place that drones can fly to.

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