power line stringing
MMC Spider Assisted PT. BBS Power Line Stringing Project II
February 27, 2018
drone expo
Indonesia Drone Expo in Jakarta
March 2, 2018

MMC Mine Mapping Demo in Tamil Nadu

MMC India Center was invited to complete a mapping demo in Tamil Nadu, Client required a volumetric analysis and 3D Mesh & Point cloud.

6 Preparation work must be processed to achieve the requirement: calculate the stock, mark the GCP, pre-flight discussion, plan the mission, collect data and process the post.

Besides these work, other support also played a vital role in this mission, such as the stable performance of drones and payloads, the reliable and accurate software system. MMC opened its own way in drone mapping application with years’ experience. Thus, behind a successful demo, you can always find effort, trials and frustration in the past.

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