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Indonesia Drone Expo in Jakarta
March 2, 2018
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A Thailand Agency Visited MMC for the Search & Rescue Drones
March 9, 2018

MMC Indonesia Drone Rental and Service Center

The first MMC oversea trial pot was started in Indonesia back to 2015, it is also the original place for power line stringing projects. The truth is the path towards nowadays comparative success is rather hard-earned.

Among these months, this center has survived from work pressure, industrial doubts, but the most difficult part is developing a brand-new pack of solution for the power line stringing field. Indonesia, with over 60% forest coverage, is filled with mountains and valleys, it is a heaven for wildings, but a disaster for power line projects. It would be impossible if one wants to proceed a power line project without cutting trees, the saddest part is it carries with casualties, which drives MMC more determined on opening the drone solution for power line projects.

MMC doesn’t climb to the leading position in the power line industry, it is pushed to the role by its customers. With the powerful support from MMC R&D department, factory and headquarter, MMC Indonesia Drone Rental Center has opened more drone service under the assistant of diversified drones: VTOL Fixed-wing drone, heavy payload drone, mini foldable drone, hydrogen fuel cell drone, tethered drone, waterproof drone, etc.

Don’t worry about the expense, we are opening the rental service for you, not only on drones but also service!

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