Thailand drone purchaser
A Thailand Agency Visited MMC for the Search & Rescue Drones
March 9, 2018
Mars 800
MMC Foldable Drone-Mars 800
March 14, 2018

MMC Agricultural Drone- SWIFT

SWIFT Agricultural Drone is designed for taking care of your farmlands in every aspect.

I. Considerate Equipment

Beside the Liquid Spraying version, 3 other

versions were designed for advance farming.

1: Fog sprayer version;

2: Spraying pesticides version;

3: Biological control version

II. Comprehensive Software

1: Formation of technological maps;

2: Formation of technological maps with crop rotation;

3: Planning of technological operations;

4: Agrotechnical calculations;

5: Technological operations control

III. Integrated Service

In order to offer customer better product experience,

MMC overseas one-stop service centers provide in-time and

quality after-sales services locally, including:

1: Malfunction handling and parts replace;

2: On-site training included;

3: Professional technical support;

4: Rental service.

We have accomplished successful agricultural projects

in Spain,Ukraine, Arab Emirates, Thailand, Zambia,

Colombia, Ecuador, USA and other countries.

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