Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia
Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia was Established
March 30, 2018
durian trees
MMC Agricultural Drone for Durian Trees’ Spraying Work
April 4, 2018

A Japanese Drone Magazine Inspected MMC for the Industry Exploration

firefighting drone

The global drone market has been flourished from China, Shenzhen especially, so is the drone-related business, like media, magazine. A Japanese drone magazine decided to give the drone industry a thorough exploration by tracing back to its birthland.

After flying demonstration, these visitors toured MMC drone showroom and flight training center, they were appealed by the HyDrone 1550 for its hydrogen fuel cell, one of the new clean energy. The conference after the tour was the climax, MMC drones have been widely applied in the public security especially firefighting, it was a lively reference book to the Japanese rising drone market as the government has started to loosen the restriction about drone using, these visitors hope to be the prophet of the coming drone era.

Japanese drone magazine

Japanese drone magazine

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