durian trees
MMC Agricultural Drone for Durian Trees’ Spraying Work
April 4, 2018
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MMC India Office has Completed A Mining Inspection Demo
April 12, 2018

To Become A Drone Pilot

drone pilot

A Russian businessman has foreseen a promising future of the drone, to completely and thoroughly learn drones, he sent his son to this learning journey.

This student only had two weeks for the whole study, based on his situation, we recommended him the MMC short- term pilot training course, which was concentrated on flying skills.

MMC pilot training course has its own privilege, for example, it combined the boring drone knowledge into flying experience. What’s more, it puts drone application into courses, such as power line stringing, agricultural spraying and other MMC drone’s unique applications.

At the end, this student went back to his father with the recorded drone flying videos and MMC pilot certificate.

Here is the video linkage:



drone certificate

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