mining inspection
MMC India Office has Completed A Mining Inspection Demo
April 12, 2018
MMC Transmission Line Stringing Program in Malaysia
April 24, 2018

MMC Drone for A Pylon Inspection in Malaysia

In this mission, MMC A6 Plus drone is equipped with two payloads: the FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera and the optical 20× zoom camera.
The thermal camera is used as the first step to check for malfunction parts, if there is a problem, it will be captured by the second step.
The zoom camera is adopted to check on the detail, for example, the malfunctioning part found in the first step could be unveiled through the zoomed image. Meanwhile, the critical parts like the insulator and nonconductor, can be observed thoroughly to find out any connection issue.
Compared with the manual work, drone inspection requires less manpower, which reduces the life risk while upgrades the work efficiency, accuracy and comprehensiveness significantly.
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