pylon inspection
MMC Drone for A Pylon Inspection in Malaysia
April 18, 2018
traffic surveillance
MMC Drone Application in Public Security Surveillance
April 27, 2018

MMC Transmission Line Stringing Program in Malaysia

Not long after the establishment of MMC Malaysia Center, the exclusive drone solution- Spider has been deployed in a transmission line stringing program for ILSAS Malaysia.
As it’s a demonstration, in the preparation phase, MMC pilot explained how the stringing work would be realized with a drone. Meanwhile, the function of MMC guide line and iDrop payload were all introduced.
Among the stringing process, MMC Spider drone solution was used to connect between tower A and B under the help of the guide line, iDrop was employed to drop one end of the line, the other end of the line was controlled by a winch, which has two models: automatic and manual.
After the demonstration, the training director has witnessed the practical benefit of MMC drone and expressed his genuine wish: “We hope to bring this skill to the whole Malaysia.”
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