Drones Marked with Made-in-China are Accepted Worldwide
May 4, 2018
Why Would You Learn to Fly a Drone?
May 9, 2018

How Many Fields Could You Imagine to Apply Drones into?

phone signal

Commercial drones already fly into our houses, but the usage of industrial drones is still developing, besides the hot fields, like agriculture, delivery, power line stringing, mapping and inspection, a client has discovered a new potential application of drones: collect and receive signal. This client is an internet service supplier and provides service for the middle west region of America, he is looking for a drone solution to collect and receive 5G signal in the emergent situation.

Common drones cannot accomplish this task due to the limited flight time, but MMC Tethered drone can work for 24*7, a signal receiver will be loaded for collecting signal.

The bold first foot is stepped out, but a new application requires not only time but also numerous of experiment and persistence.

drone demo

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