pipeline inspection
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May 21, 2018
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May 25, 2018

Representatives of NGCP are Looking for Drone Solutions for the Power Line Inspection

power line work

NGCP, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, has sent 10 representatives to inspect MMC Malaysia Center in order to solve their predicament on power line checking. ILSAS has accompanied this group as the program organizer. Currently, the examining work relies on the manpower, occasionally on the helicopter, which makes things extremely challengeable when some problem happened on a storm day.

After watching the drone demonstration in MMC Malaysia Center, these visitors invited MMC technical team for solution discussion not only for emergency respond, but also the regular maintenance, because they saw how efficiently and thoroughly a drone can achieve such kind of inspection work. The major problems of the drone solution have been submitted to MMC and MMC will hand in the first draft of solution in two weeks, then the official cooperation will be launched.

power line inspection drone

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