power line work
Representatives of NGCP are Looking for Drone Solutions for the Power Line Inspection
May 23, 2018
A Japanese Drone Manufacturer Inspected MMC Factory for R&D Cooperation
May 29, 2018

More Farmers are Searching for Useful Agricultural Drone Solution


A Malaysia businessman visited MMC Malaysia Center in represent of farmer clients, who run a great portion of farmland in their state. There were several drone companies did demonstrations before, but none of the spraying effects could satisfy them. Then they found MMC agricultural drones may have the ability due to the market reputation.

After the successful spraying pesticides demonstration about the automated route planning and continuous flying function after refueling fluid, customers hold a great expectation on MMC spraying drone, they earnestly took notes about drone’s carrying capacity, spraying pressure and other details. At last, he inquired Malaysia drone center to do an on-site demonstration for them.

Malaysia drone client

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