More Farmers are Searching for Useful Agricultural Drone Solution
May 25, 2018
Drone application in search and rescue mission
Drone Application in Search and Rescue Mission
June 29, 2018

A Japanese Drone Manufacturer Inspected MMC Factory for R&D Cooperation


A Japanese Drone Manufacturer, who has developed two modes of agricultural drones that have occupied few portions of Japanese drone market, is looking for a partner for upgrading their drone technology and producing the spraying drones with advanced precision in order to meet the ever-changing market requirement.

To these visitors, this group isn’t just an inspection or tour, it inspired them on the new development of a maritime patrol drone after they saw MMC A6 plus, a drone with rain-proof performance.

Three aspects of cooperation are under discussion now, the promoting of A6 Plus in Japan, the research on maritime patrol drone, and the development of new spraying drone.

Drone visitors

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