MMC India extends his helping hands for mapping the flood affected area in Kerala, India
August 29, 2018
MMC India: Aerial Analysis on vandalized areas of Kerala
September 7, 2018

MMC India: Let your dreams fly

The progressive drone technology has been widely evolved around the globe by the development in artificial intelligence. The utilization of drone in the complicated situations is enormously improved in the modernized world. The UAV’s benefits the people in several ways such as reduction in cost, increased work efficiency, trounces the tangled state and cut down the man power.

Since the circumstances in India is stony to implement the UAV technology, our vigorous hard working team had overcame the situations with challenging attitude. Our passionate and technological engrossed team of MMC India focused on various industrial applications namely, powerline stringing, aerial & corridor mapping, agricultural pesticide/fog spraying, Mining inspection and solar inspection.

MMC India has attained an excellent progress in sales with the great support from clients and strenuous engineers. Our team has conquered the innumerable tough conditions in powerline stringing with X6 Plus drone. Our valuable business partners like KEC International had trusted our product and service and purchased a couple of X6 plus for powerline stringing.

Agriculture drone Swift made a huge impact among the clients in India who are anxious for the effective pesticide/fog spraying system. Mr. Hemant from Pune had felt impressed by the Swift demo and ordered for 6 units of agricultural drone. Mr. Vasant from Mumbai got curious about the fog spraying system of swift drone and decided to buy a couple of drone for spraying fruit trees.

Most of the clients were complimented that the Swift is the emperor of agricultural spraying system which aid the effortless method of spraying without harming the humans. We are glad to witness the breakthrough achievement in India by the penetration of UAV technology. Our team insist the business policy as: None of the business is tiny; None of the problems is non-hefty; Look up the sky and dream above it;

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