Easily modified UAV drones for various set of solutions

Our drone products are specific because they are easily modified for various set of drone solutions. We are a leading UAV drones company that provides services in power line stringing. Due to our successful cooperation with the government, we have extensive experience in industrial and safety inspection. Infrastructure and military or civil security are solutions that we provide both domestically and internationally. Product customization is our strongest side. Due to our carbon fiber factory, the biggest one in Asia, we also provide numerous OEM and ODM frames. Please consult our products specifications and requirements for customization at info@mmcuav.com.

UAV industry is waiting for you!

In a growing industry, many companies are developing alternative solutions to clients’ problems, trying to respond with the first-class products. MMC is not an exception. With the fast corporate growth, we are in constant need of fresh, educated and qualified workforce. You should know that works for a drone manufacturer are in the mainstream and highly profitable. There are many attractive career paths you can take, because the future is in UAVs.

Are you looking for a new job opportunity?

MMC offers promising careers in diverse fields supporting its mission and goals. We also offer impressive benefit packages, including generous remuneration, supportive working atmosphere determined by consideration for the authentic work-life needs of every individual. Our culture of knowledge-sharing provides extraordinary support and major resources for ongoing professional education, training and development.

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We hire drone manufacture workers, trained drone operators, programmers, technicians and other specialists. Since UAV industry is a young one, we are willing to hire and train specialists who do not have experience in this field of drone operations. We have multilingual departments and extensive staff training. We are expanding branch offices overseas, but we have plenty of experience in managing the local staff and extensive experience in dealing with different governments. Apply today!

We expect you to be:

Hardworking, reliable and goal-oriented

Willing to work with a team

Good at interpersonal communication

We provide you:

Attractive remuneration

Supportive working atmosphere

On-the-job high-quality training

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