1What are the typical uses of MMC drones?
MMC commercial drones are industrial and they are mainly used for industry applications. The accent of our solutions falls on infrastructure, which includes industrial aerial inspection of power lines, pipelines, offshore wells and police & army survey. Recently, MMC is providing oil and ore inspection solutions. Specific ones are power line stringing and emergency response regarding firefighting and disasters.
2Do you provide warranty for your drones?
The warranty is included in the price of our products and it is valid for one year. Of course, there is a possibility of extending the warranty period, depending on the volume of the order.
3How much money should I invest in a drone aircraft?
Due to wide variety of solutions, application, accessories and settings, for the most appropriate answer please contact us at info@mmcuav.com, we will be glad to provide you with the most accurate feedback.
4 Do you provide after-sale service?
Apart from 24/7 contact availability, MMC is also responsible for replacing any parts caused by common malfunction. However, it ceases to be responsible if the malfunction is caused by the operators of the vehicle. One-year warranty solely includes spare parts supply. Shipping, replacement, even travel and lodging expenses ought to be covered by the purchaser of the vehicle. Additionally, our USA, Indian and Indonesian branches provide prompt and effective services in local areas.
5Do you provide instructions on how to operate a UAV?
MMC provides UAV flight training, but the training is exclusively done in Shenzhen, China. We have professional pilots teaching our customers use our UAV and professional engineers give best technical support. It is completely free of charge, takes one week to finish, yet the student should provide for the room & board.
6What is the maximum flight time of MMC drones?
One model of MMC hydrogen fuel cell drone flies for more than 3h.
7what is maximum flight time for A6 plus?
The A6 plus flies 75 minutes.
8How much payloads can MMC drones carry?
F6-plus --- 8kg A6 plus– 7kg Spider – 3kg
9How often should I charge the drone battery?
As for Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery, the care is universal. Once the battery is charged, it should be removed from the charger, maintaining it properly. The initial use of battery requires 24 hours polarization period. But other than that, once the battery is used for the flight, it should be fully charged at the assigned voltage. It just takes 45 minutes to refuel for hydrogen fuel cell drone.
10 What are the safety features of MMC drones?
There are several key safety features that MMC drones possess. Any additional safety features belong to the matter of customization. Namely, when in GPS mode (the most commonly used mode) the waypoint options allow the vehicle to land or return to the starting point, in case of low power, low number of necessary satellites (less than 7), or propeller malfunction. Redundancy assignment also ensures that even if one or two propellers break during the flight, the vehicle will remain in the air safely and land slowly. In case that all of the electronics fail, and the drone is in free fall, a ParaZero tiered parachute will ignite and land the vehicle without major harms.
11Do you offer customization?
Sure. Customization of drone aircrafts is easily available at MMC and it is our biggest strength. You should comply with the requirements for the customizing. Requirements are processed by our greatest executive managers. We offer a set of products and variations on the same with various payload ranges, number of axis, distributary rights and exclusiveness. Due to our carbon fiber factory, the biggest one in Asia, we also provide numerous OEM and ODM frames.
12What is the usual shipping time?
It can range from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the order, and the actual distance of the client.
13What’s the control range of MMC commercial drones?
The distance cover range can reach 2km/ 5km /10km.
14 How could I become an official MMC distributor?
MMC welcomes potential distributors to pay a visit to its factory for the demonstration our competence, sharing ideas and discussing face to face partnership. Contact us to arrange a meeting – info@mmcuav.com
15 In comparison with DJI’s drones, what are the benefits of drones you provide?
Primarily our drones provide a lot longer flight time of 75 minutes due to the li-Po battery and more than 3 hours on a hydrogen battery. MMC commercial drones can carry much heavier payload. All MMC drones have carbon fiber frame, and we offer customized design. The most important thing is that we can take 200+ different payloads under the plug and play design.
16Do you have some case studies?
You can search for various case studies in different fields in news column of MMC website. For applications like power line stringing, the savings are incredible in cost, time and injuries. In 2016, MMC provided over 1000 kilometers of high voltages towers power line stringing in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Georgia, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.  Power line stringing looks simple, but the jobs in different environment are really complicated.
17Where can we download the related product files?
Please visit http://www.mmcuav.com/downloads/ to download MMC files.
18Can you customize hydrogen composite tank?
Yes. The hydrogen composite tank can be customized to hold 9 liters or 12 liters.
19For what kind of application and customer target you have thought for HyDrone
We developed HyDrone, because we got a lot of customers demand. The top 1 customer is the military client. The major application is long distance surveillance, such as border patrolling. The top 2 customer is oil and electricity grid company, the major application is long distance inspections. And it also can be used in search and rescue.
20About the operating issues. Fuel-cell technology has a main issue: the stock of hydrogen; in fact this energy vecto must to be stocked at very high pressure, which means heavy tanks, how did you have solved this problem?
In fact, our clients don’t have to stock any hydrogen in our solution. Normally we provide two solutions: 1. If our clients can get hydrogen station, e.g. Our client in japan and Alaska, it is easy to accessible for hydrogen station, we will only provide the interface parts and tanks. There is no hydrogen stock for them. 2. If our clients cannot get hydrogen station,e.g. Our client in New Zealand, we will provide the whole package to them, which includes hydrogen generator, compressor and so on. There is no hydrogen stock either.
21What kind of guarantees you provide to the customer about the safety of using fuel-cell and hydrogen? There is a specific customer service on the power plant of HyDrone?
Indeed training and service is an important part. 1. We provide on site training for drones and the whole station. 2. We will send engineers to install the whole system. 3. For generator or power plant, we will send engineers to repair in case there is any problem. So far, our clients are satisfied with our hard working.
22In which way can i refill the tank of hydrogen ? And what is the cost of this gas?
Refilling tanks by the compressor, all the interface is standard, like injection, within 5 minutes, one tank can be refilled, which is much faster than li-po battery recharging. The air pressures is only 30 bar, it is quite safe level. The cost of gas is up to the local market price. Normally is less than li-po recharging cost.
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