MMC Tech Parked, located in the heart of world’s drone business city, Shenzhen. Under such a competitive circumstance, MMC surpasses other industrial drone companies with the superior quality of full supply chain including carbon fiber frame, UAV electronics parts, software, comprehensive service and experienced solution customization.

Sophisticated R&D team

MMC patented one-piece frame is genuinely welcomed for deploying drones in the un-conducive environment, years’ of upgrading and optimizing work enables this team to challenge any demand. The R&D team also developed dozens of self-owned patented technologies and products, including flight controller, video transmission, telemetry, 4-in-1 ESC, carbon fiber frame structures, motors, payloads and an all-in-one remote controller. MMC multi-purpose plug-and-play connector also evokes other drone companies’ research enthusiasm.

Practiced software

MMC drone service involves mapping, agriculture analysis, traffic control management and other emergency response solutions, which occupies a large portion of the industrial drone’s applications. Being tested repeatedly by practice, MMC software support outperforms most drone software providers.

Global service centers

MMC with already expanded service centers in European, Southeast Asia and South America, as the first drone supplier to apply drones into power line stringing, MMC also provides spraying drone for agriculture use, drones for firefighting over thousand units already sold, inspection drones are also popular by telecom towers, turbine towers and petroleum firms all over the world.

Short delivery time & cost efficient

MMC Shenzhen factory is considered the largest industrial drone base, frame and components manufacturing are separated under different departments and quality examine centers to assure products’ superior quality, short producing circle and MMC’s ranking reputation. Even under such strict demands, MMC sticks to the cost-efficient principle for promoting drones’ application and realizing drones’ practical value to our daily life.

MMC OEM SERVICE CASE STUDY- A client from Germany.

A pylon solution provider from Europe inquired from MMC a drone that can carry their unique and heavy payloads suitable for longer distant mission inspections.
Prior to contacting MMC, they couldn’t find any manufactures that could provide such a product. They had some challenges and needed MMC to help solve for them. The team from MMC listed these challenges as their objectives.

The Objectives :

Heavy payloads of 7 Kg
– the client needed a drone system that could lift heavy payloads to the weight of 7 Kg.
Up to 40 minutes of flight time with payloads
– a drone with the capacity to fly up to 40 minutes with the added payload.
Customized electric parts and interface with payloads – the client also requested a tailored made the electric part and interface with payloads.
2 months of R&D Period.
– The deadline was given to MMC to accomplish this was 2 months.


MMC has greater experience in heavy duty and longer endurance drones. After a series of communication from our R&D team with the client, MMC was able to deliver the exact product the client needed. With the client coming from the European Union, MMC team made sure the product also met the European standard requirement.
Lastly, the production and delivery of the product to the client was all done in the given time frame by the client. MMC was pleased to know how the client was very satisfied with the whole process of getting their desired product on time and the work output of the product is overwhelming.
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