We make sure our clients get the best for their money. We can realize the worth of your requirements and execute strict criteria when you want to buy a drone, let us present you top 4 reasons why MMC should be your UAV drones provider.

The largest carbon fiber factory in the world

The Largest Carbon Fiber Factory in the World

There is no better material than carbon fiber for manufacturing industrial and commercial drones. We have frame models and propeller models, we can make all drone parts independently. We can also customize the frame to provide any frames you want. Thanks to MMC carbon fiber factory, any international business and the implementation of circulation, production, Research & Development and services can all be achieved.
Branches around the globe

Branches Around the Globe

Our client-based preoccupations are the reason for establishing the overseas branches (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, USA, German), which all provide constant after-sale customer service and assistance. Apart from owning the top composite carbon fiber factory in China, these branches focus on combining the social needs with our drones by cooperating with the local and international governments. Social responsibility is one of our priorities and it was put ahead of the industry competition. Meanwhile, we have accumulated immense experience in various governmental processes. Wherever you are, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Competitive prices for top-notch industrial UAV drones

Competitive Prices for Top-notch Industrial UAVs

Considering the quality, the prices of our products are relatively competitive and attractive. Among the drone industry, our drones offer the highest quality and wide application in the industry at an extremely economical price. Also, as the recent large volume of drone purchase in Asia, while MMC can design and manufacture the frames and bodies on its own, which can dramatically save the costs. Its latest HyDrone 1550 can fly more than three hours, MMC is striving to become the leading commercial drones manufacturer in the industrial UAV sector. Our intention is to develop more hydrogen-fueled solutions and create an entirely new UAV market powered by hydrogen at the most reasonable price.
Latest UAV drones easy to use

Easy to Operate

The usage of an industrial UAV is heading to swell 700% by the year 2022. However, currently, there are several key obstacles to this boost. The flight time would be listed as the first factor, while MMC has already found a solution for it. MMC has successfully developed a drone that can stay in the air for more than three hours. Secondly, the safety of drones is a lurking threat that causes most conflicts. We have worked around the clock to establish a safer mechanism. MMC holds the record flight time with its A6 Plus, 75 minutes’ flight time. With the HyDrone 1550, it has tackled the endurance problem successfully. Recently, MMC is developing a novel navigational system which will bring us a more user-friendly drone future.
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