MMC drone solutions have been widely applied into precision agriculture, power lines string, public utilities inspection, mapping/ GIS, monitoring and delivery. 6 Years’ professional experience has scattered our success cases worldwidely, from Asia, Europe to America..

Sugarcane Herbicide Spraying Mission

Background- Swift spraying solution

Sugarcane plantation is the main portion of TBLA farms but yet is the most difficult plantation to take care of, which can all be traced back to the density issue. Among these difficulties, spraying work is listed at the top, while spraying for sugarcane in 3- 4 meters may not be a big deal to a person under 1-meter height and also can see through the bush. MMC Indonesia center accepted such an impossible mission without any hesitation with a required spraying work spanning over 55 hectares.
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Oil& Pipeline Inspection

Background—Oil&pipeline Inspection

Due to the risk of losses caused by defects in the piping system, it must be regularly and carefully checked. Unfortunately, usually in practice that there is a higher probability of damage to the pipeline; it is more difficult to check it. Pipeline systems are often located underground or run for many kilometers where access roads are restricted, the surrounding nature is not attained and access to pipelines is incredibly difficult or impossible. It is not humanly possible to visually check everything and fitting built-in measuring systems (pressure meters, flow meters) is financially demanding and not too reliable because it does not cover all risky places.
Telecom Tower Inspection

Background- Telecom Tower Inspection Solution

Drones have become an integral part of our lives recently on both the professional and recreational levels. Now, they are being used to inspect telecommunications towers. The telecommunications industry is benefiting from drones in an effort to cut down on one of the most dangerous jobs out there: climbing towers.
Commercial drone usage has allowed the telecommunications industry to collect photos, video and other data about towers without risking injury or death. This safer method of collecting the data helps industry professional conduct an audit of the equipment and the wireless infrastructure with ease
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In defense of forestry

Background- MMC Forestry Inspection

The dramatic increase in forest destruction and wildlife poaching has encouraged wildlife scientists and conservationists to explore the potential for using drones in surveillance and anti-poaching activities. For many years, the conservation world has lagged behind other sectors technologically – devoting tight budgets to immediate needs like putting boots and vehicles on the ground left no funding to explore and introduce advanced tools to improve wildlife management
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