Companies that are mainly producing petroleum products welcome the use of drones because it is a helpful device to improve commodity production.

Due to the risk of losses caused by defects in the piping system, it must be regularly and carefully checked. Unfortunately, usually in practice that there is a higher probability of damage to the pipeline; it is more difficult to check it. Pipeline systems are often located underground or run for many kilometers where access roads are restricted, the surrounding nature is not attained and access to pipelines is incredibly difficult or impossible. It is not humanly possible to visually check everything and fitting built-in measuring systems (pressure meters, flow meters) is financially demanding and not too reliable because it does not cover all risky places.


This project is carried out in Xinjiang, which happens to be one of the biggest western inland provinces in China. Xinjiang is a province with complex terrain with high altitudes and deserts abound under a dry and varied climate. This is a project of more than 100,000km MMC. MMC had to undertake under such unconducive environments. It, therefore, required a superior performance drone. This is project was taken within a 12 months period.


Before the MMC TEAM takes any project, we first reach out to the client to find out the challenges being faced and through that, the MMC TEAM is able to map out a tailor-made solution to solve this problems or challenges. The MMC TEAM was presented with these problems by the client

Inaccurate inspection result
High cost of inspection
High risk of inspection team
Longer time duration for inspection


After all alternative solutions were evaluated, it was determined that, an X6-P Drone solution best suited challenges present in these unconducive environments. MMC

MMC X6-P drone is a flying platform that combines a highly integrated flight controller, which satisfies the requirement of pipeline inspection, surveying and mapping. X6-P is a vertical take-off and landing rotor unmanned aerial systems, with a high payload capacity and longtime of flight, the maximum flight speed can reach 12m/s and can withstand winds of 8m/s, when carrying 40 times zoom camera, every detail of the pipe can be clearly detected even at an altitude of more than 100 meters, in addition, it is very portable and easy to operate

The MMC standard solution pack comes with some key benefits aiding in achieving prompt results. Listed below are few:

Quality, timeliness, and cost-efficient.
Full pack of service.
Easy to operate
Easy to maintain
Easy on the go
Adaptable for severe environment
Troubleshoot potential hidden danger with accurate positioning

Inspection process

Let's look at X6-P solution technical details, for any of the UAV data acquisition operations from a safe and effective solution, we use ground stations based on the integrated high-definition image transmission channel and control signal transmission channel to control the autonomous flight of the aircraft (X6-P). The control distance up to 10km, which can monitor flight status in real-time and ensure flight safety, the operator can also control gimbal during operation system to adjust the detection position, and when X6-P is in automatic flight state, the operator with the help of the ground station, simply concentrates and controls the surveillance part of the task at hand.

Finally, when the oil inspection work is finished, and the daily inspection data are classified and imported into the T15 ground station for data processing and classification, and the report output of abnormal conditions is reported
Throughout the whole 12 months duration of undertaking this project, the MMC TEAM took a daily inspection application in four main situations

Pipeline damaged by sandstorms
Pipeline damage caused by seismic interference
Oil pipeline inspection at night
Pipelines that runs through the jungle, thick forest, the
crop-growing areas, and wading areas

Positive Feedback

“After using MMC X6-P solution package for our oil pipeline inspection, the output efficiency has increased at least 5 times compared with the traditional manual operation."

“UAV inspection service goes far beyond our expectations, the MMC X6-P drone has also stood the test under severe weather conditions. During the cooperation, the hardworking spirit of MMC team members and their professional high-quality service only gave us more reasons to rely on MMC.”

“After the expiration of the one-year service contract, we also looking forward to keeping our cooperation on inspection services with MMC, and we sincerely want the next phase of service to be much longer."
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