Founded in 1973, PT Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk (TBLA) is a member of Sungai Budi Group, this Group is one of the biggest sugarcane farm manufacturers and distributors in Indonesia. Sugarcane plantation is the main portion of TBLA farms but yet is the most difficult plantation to take care of, which can all be traced back to the density issue. Among these difficulties,spraying pesticides work is listed at the top, while spraying for sugarcane in 3- 4 meters may not be a big deal to a person under 1-meter height and also can see through the bush. MMC Indonesia center accepted such an impossible mission without any hesitation with a required spraying work spanning over 55 hectares.

This herbicide (REXROOT 480 SL) reaches its most effective performance under the temperature from 26 to 30℃, which is not easy for workers to operate due to the temperature changes from day to day and hour to hour. Not to mention, this chemical is harmful to the person who comes in direct contact with temperature conditions for a long time. It takes 6 people to work 10 days (10 hours each day) to finish 55 ha spraying work.

As a norm, the MMC TEAM came up with the solution in tackling this spraying mission.


The MMC TEAM decided to carry out this work by a high-tech tool: Precision agriculture drone-SWIFT, which can carry 10 liters of dilute herbicide. This spraying program stretches over 55 hectares, with its sugarcane heights of 3- 4 meters. The MMC TEAM plans to complete the work in one week with 2 pilots. MMC SWIFT Agricultural drone flies through 5 hectares each time, spraying width covers 3-4 meters.

MMC SWIFT, a liquid pressure spray drone system with the function of low dose automatic record and breakpoint continue to spraying pesticides. It carries 10 liters of liquid for each flight, covers 3-4 meters spraying pesticides width. Under the 10m/s flying speed, SWIFT sprays 10-15 acre for one flight time.

May 14th, the day before the MMC TEAM starts its operation, a full pack of demonstration is carried out including the AB point mode of operation, which allows MMC SWIFT agriculture drone automatically spraying pesticides following with the given route, and the regional-planning mode for spraying a whole region of plantation under the input operation distance, flight speed, altitude and other information. The amazing part is that when the mission is completed, the MMC SWIFT agricultural drone fly’s back to its take of the point with the aid of the autonomic system.


May 22nd, the 55 hectares of sugarcane spraying mission is completed earlier than the schedule. All the MMC TEAM needed to complete this project was:
1 MMC SWIFT Agricultural Drone
d a much easier one.”

After such a brilliant work out a solution, here’s what the team from Sungai Budi Group had to say:

“When MMC team said I didn’t need to buy any drones, they would provide us with the agriculture drone, pilots and the whole solution, and we only need to pay for their agriculture drone service. Trust me, compared with the workers’ salary, they didn’t ask too much, especially with the incredible even the precision agriculture drone effect.”

“10 Days later, we made a comparison between the drones for spraying pesticides area and manual spraying pesticides, having witnessed sprayed herbicide dropping through the dense sugarcane plantation and the fact that, manual spraying pesticides can never achieve, we knew we made the right decision. We also realized that sugarcane spray drones grows at least 5 cm taller than the manual spraying, and herbs reduced 1/3 time that the manual spraying pesticides of the plantation.”

“Thanks to MMC agricultural drone technology, plantation management will move to a new stage, and a much easier one.”
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