MMC commercial drones meet all the requirements for carrying out your sophisticated business mission. In line with your needs, MMC already has first-rate hardware, software and operational drone products to offer. Even though, we still develop rapidly, we constantly improve all aspects of our UAV platforms.

Infrastructure Inspection

A6 Plus-Professional Drone with Heavy Payload

Commercial drone A6 Plus professional UAV is an upgraded and multi-function drone with various payloads and of high security. Featuring standard“plug and play design”, the drone has a universal mount device. Interchangeable mounts can be installed quickly and easily to change the function of the drone, simply by plugging them in. It can be applied across various fields. Using A6 Plus with different payloads,users can finish industrial inspections, power line stringing, mapping, firefighting and etc.. Different configurations, endurance, speed, payload and other components of the MMC UAVs can drastically reduce your overall costs in the long term. By choosing some of our models, we guarantee you fixed costs, training, maintenance and after-sale service.
Power Line Stringing

F6 Plus-Commercial Drone for Many Applications

MMC UAV drones are becoming increasingly capable of carrying heavier payloads with appropriate data analysis software that is compatible to your chosen payload. F6 Plus-the high-end aerial platform, can be adapted to many different missions through the use of MMC's plug-and-play payload modules. Equipped with a redundant GPS system, the F6 Plus benefits from extremely precise maneuvering and reliable navigation, making it suitable for industrial applications. The multi-function drone can be widely used in industrial aerial inspection, surveillance, mapping, firefighting and etc.. F6 Plus can have 8kg payload reaching operating height of some 5,000 meters!

HyDrone 1550- Hydrogen-powered Drone with Long Flight Time

You are witnessing a complete revolution in the drone industry. With the latest launch of hydrogen fuel cell drone, MMC confirms its position of unbeatable UAV leader in the market. MMC has successfully developed a drone that can fly for more than three hours – HyDrone 1550 longest flight time multirotor. Hydrogen fuel is completely in accordance with the standards of both industry and environment and due to it, Hydrone 1550 can stay in the air for more than 3 hours without landing or affecting ecology! In case it runs out of fuel while it’s in the air, it has auto-landing solution and GPS Waypoint navigation system.
Sophisticated Drone Solution

Spider – The King of Power line Stringing

MMC can not only design, manufacture and sell UAVs for power lines stringing and infrastructure inspection, but also provide a complete set of solutions, among which the most sophisticated one is “ Spider”, the drone solution of power line stringing. MMC provides drones, schemes and pilots team to help finish stringing project without deforestation, damage to farmland and environment. MMC's professional pilots team has six-year experience of power line stringing and had successful cases in Asia such as Bhutan and Indonesia. For further information of the solution, please contact