A6 Plus

A6 Plus professional heavy payload drone is an upgraded and multi-function drone with various payloads and of high security. Featuring in standard“plug-in design,” the drone has a universal mount device. Interchangeable mounts can be installed quickly so to change the function of the drone easily, simply by plugging them in. It can be applied to various fields. Using commercial drone A6 Plus with different payloads, users can finish industrial inspections, power line stringing, mapping, firefighting and etc.


The airframe of A6 Plus is made of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. It is sealed tightly to protect the power system from fire, water, and dust, which makes the drone meet the demand of three proofing: fire-proof, rain-proof and dust-proof.

Independently Developed Design

New design concept are integrated in A6 Plus drone by MMC R&D team. A6 Plus uses the “MMC RC”, a flight controller
that is researched and developed by MMC, which ensures a stable, flexible and reliable flight. Besides, double GPS modules
are assembled on the drone to guarantee an uninterrupted satellite signal when the drone flies in the air. What’s more, the
automatic safety kill switch and the retractable landing gear are newly designed to upgrade the flight performance.

Payload Modules

More than 200 payload modules are available for A6 Plus. LIDAR and other payloads provide the precisely right tool for applications in inspection, surveying, mapping, etc. The mount can be customized to accommodate unique enterprise requirements. It is quick to attach and remove, these plug-and-play modules allow A6 Plus to be immediately configured for any mission.

Heavy- lift Capacity

The A6 Plus is ideal for lifting heavy payloads, with a maximum carrying capacity of 7kg. Besides maintaining a stable flight, its reserved ample power can supply maneuvering, even in windy conditions. This performance means that the A6 Plus is able to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial users.

Development Opportunities

For end users who have requirements for highly specialized or proprietary payloads, MMC's plug-and-play system provides a premier platform for development. Electrical contact points are available to integrate new systems directly into the aircraft's flight management system, providing the ultimate solution in customization.

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