F6 Plus

Commercial Drone F6 Plus Professional UAV is an improved version of MMC’s commercial drone. A high-end platform, it can be adapted to many different missions through the use of MMC’s plug-and-play payload modules. Equipped with a redundant GPS system, the Commercial Drone F6 Plus benefits from extremely precise maneuvering and reliable navigation, making it suitable for industrial applications. The F6 Plus professional drone, has been widely used in industrial inspection, surveillance and firefighting and power line stringing.


Commercial Drone F6 Plus has been designed to operate in demanding environments using strong, lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. Even with a payload and batteries attached, it remains well below the 55-lb limit established by the United States Federal Aviation Administration for commercial operations under Part 107.

Payload Modules

MMC has more than 200 different payload modules available for the F6 Plus. Quick to attach and quick to remove, these plug-and-play modules allow for the F6 Plus to be immediately configured to meet the needs of any mission.

Development Opportunities

For end users who have requirements for highly specialized or proprietary payloads, MMC's plug-and-play system provides an ideal platform for development. Electrical contact points are available to integrate new systems directly into the aircraft's flight management system, providing the ultimate in customization.

Heavy-Lift Capabilities

Commercial Drone F6 Plus is ideal for lifting heavy payloads, with a maximum carrying capacity of 8 kg, while maintaining stable flight and an ample power reserve for maneuvering, even in windy conditions. This capacity means that the F6 Plus is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding industrial user.

Case Study

Using MMC plug-and-play, MMC customized megaphone, intelligent drop system, zoom camera and searchlight for Spain customer Jorge and Nicolas, which would help with multi-tasks such as police and emergency rescue. Quick to attach and quick to remove, these plug-and-play modules brought them with the most convenient and efficient solutions to implement any mission.