HyDrone 1550

HyDrone 1550, is the world-first hydrogen-powered drone designed and manufactured by MMC. The emerging hydrogen fuel cell technology is environmentally clean and contributes to supreme flight performance, which redefines the meaning of commercial drones. With actualization of the highly efficient hydrogen energy, th

e drone industry will undergo radical changes. MMC’s strategic partner- BSHARK just launched Narwhal 2, which is considered as the most affordable hydrogen fuel drone.


  • Longer flight time
  • Environment friendly
  • Expansive area coverage
  • Wide range of applications
  • Highly reliable structure and system
  • Fast refueling

Integrated Design

Carbon fiber air frame is lightweight and robust, which is specially built for demanding task. The hydrogen-powered drone is rainproof, dustproof and windproof. HyDrone 1550 can work in varying environment whether it is under tough weather conditions or complicated surroundings. Dustproof propulsion systems can simplify maintenance and active cooling motors so that operation becomes reliable for extended time. Since hydrogen as a fuel is not affected by low temperature, a new line of applications will be emerged.

Reliable Flight Performance

With the hydrogen fuel cell, the hydrogen powered drone HyDrone 1550 is splendid for 3 hours' flight endurance and 5kg maximum payload. With MMC RC flight controller, built-in independent GPS positioning device, signal loss protection and power redundancy, the hydrogen fuel cell drone can fly extremely stable. During a flight, even if one propeller malfunctioned, it would cause no threat to safe landing. Besides, the functions of distant image transmission, the BVR (beyond visual range) remote control, precise positioning and navigation make the drone a utilizable tool rather than the recreational goods.


With MMC's HyDrone 1550 professional drone, the responding time towards emergencies is shortened greatly while the effective coverage area becomes quite larger. The HyDrone 1550 can be used not only in surveying but also in power line inspection, oil inspection, forestry firefighting and monitoring, etc. These multifunctions make HyDrone 1550 the most competitive drone in the world.

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