Spider-the King of Power line Stringing

Spider, is a complete set of drone solution of power line stringing. The drone solution Spider covers professional drone, pre-sales training, project schemes, flight planning and operation by pilots team, and after-sales service.

Its professional drones for power line stringing F6 Plus have flied over various terrains including Kalimantan Tropical rain forest, high-altitude mountains in Bhutan, China’s island and rivers, and so on.


-Intelligent drop device avoids obstacles such as branches or structures;

-Flight endurance with payload is more than 20 minutes, allowing for a project range of over 900m;

-Payload capacity of up to 3 kg, accommodating the standard leading line of 3mm;

-Autonomous flight features allows operators to switch between manual operation and route planning;

-An option to use the A6 Plus rain resistant carbon fiber drone, for wet climates;

-Multi-function design allows a switch of payloads including cameras to change the functions.

Service Mode

Under the Spider drone solution, MMC provides a complete range of services including the demonstration before the purchasing, pre-sales training, project guidance and after-sales service to meet customers requirements. To gain the confidence of the customer, customers can apply for demonstration before purchasing drones or enjoy the service. Furthermore, MMC will keep in touch with the customers to get the feedback and ensures a satisfactory after-sales service.

We provide demonstration for free if you have the power line stringing project!

Spider Team

To extend its scope of service, MMC has dispatched its professional team for power line stringing to India and Indonesia from the headquarter in Shenzhen, China. The engineers is selected to propose project schemes and flight planning. And the Spider project owned its own pilots team, with 50 pilots in China, ten in India, 5 in Indonesia. And its AOPA training center issue certificate for qualified pilots. The team at MMC fuses expertise and years of experience in commercial drone operations. This varied experience make it possible to design a solution suited to meet the needs of the most complex industrial environments.

Case Study

With the drone solution of Spider, MMC has accumulated rich experience of power line stringing project. In 2016, MMC helped KEC International Ltd to complete power line stringing project in Bhutan of high altitude after proposing scheme towards the topography of steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers, which form deep valleys. Well at the same year, MMC built long-term cooperation relationship with PLN, the Indonesian State Electricity Company, MMC provides drones and training for PLN’s development team.

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