Swift Introduction

Swift precision agriculture drone is a turnkey solution to
drive productivity. With the latest spraying system and
most useful terrain-following radar, Swift can accomplish
the agricultural task at the most economical cost. Optional
spray systems, dose monitor and breakpoint continue
to spray function are giving farmers new ways to
increase yields and reduce crop damage.

Professional FC T1 - A

T1 - A is a mature flight controller for agricultural UAV.
It provides a rich and practical function that can meet the
multiple requirements of the current pesticide spraying
drone. With the integration of high precision sensor, the
application of advanced industrial precision calibration
algorithm as well as reasonable intelligent operation
mode, the more efficient, accurate and convenient
way of plant protection work can be realized.

Terrain Following Radar Module

T1-A provides a terrain-following radar module for farmland irregularities.
According to the data from terrain following radar module, T1-A can adjust
the flying height of UAV in real time, and ensure the relative height between
the unmanned aerial vehicles and the crops. The error can be controlled
in centimeter. The module is designed accordingly to the IP 65
protection and can be adapted to different crop sprays.

Multiple Operating Modes

T1-A provides a variety of operation modes, such as AB point
operation, semi-automatic operation and manual operation.
In the regional-planning mode, the user can select the operation
area, and set operation distance, flight speed, altitude and other
information. The aircraft will automatically fly back and forth
according to the specified distance and traverse the entire
area to complete the work; In the AB point mode, the aircraft
can automatically spray pesticides in accordance with the
established route, which is suitable for large regular areas;
In the semi-automatic operation mode, the user can control
the aircraft flying in parallel, forward and backward. The
aircraft automatically sprays pesticides, which is suitable
for operation in the irregular areas; In the manual mode,
the user can carry out regular flight, and manual spraying
of pesticides, which is suitable for more complex areas.

Break Point Continue to Spray

When detecting signals like the secondary battery alarm,
low dose alarm, losing ground control signal, one key to return,
T1-A will automatically shut off the water pump, and make the
current point as the continued point to spray. By the function of
'one key to return', UAV can fly to the continued point to restart the
operation, which ensures the continuous operation of plant protection.

Rugged and Robust Structure

Swift is made of an industrial aluminum material, it is strong and
shockproof, you can apply it in various crop dusting environment.

Swift Agriculture Management Platform

MMC provides a comprehensive spraying management platform.

The pilot team member will be assigned Captain or Pilot account.
Specific field spraying task can be assigned and the Captain
account can check the spraying process remotely in real time.
Use the management system to supervise the crop spraying
flight status, check the spraying progress and manage your
spraying team to improve working efficiency and
better communication.

Agriculture Solution Package

From purpose-built flight controller to the propulsion system, Swift agriculture drone is a comprehensive drone solution for agriculture. It consists of the T1-A Flight Controller, Terrain Following Radar Module, delivery pump, customized industrial controller, propulsion system, Agriculture APP and optional spraying system. The Agriculture Solution Package empowers manufacturers to develop dedicated and customizable flying platforms, adaptable to different requirements, environment, and demands.

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