T1 Tether System

MMC T1 tether system, the universal drone tethering system, is a direct drone power supply system, providing drones with unlimited endurance much longer than the traditional Li-Po power system. The tethered drone power supply secures the drone operations and provides reliability and safety thanks to persistent power supply. The T1 tether system has been approved for tethered flights by clients from India, Indonesia, America, and etc..

Supported Drones

The T1 tether system can support most drones, such as MMC TDrone 1200, DJI Matrice 600, DJI S1000, Aerialtronics Zenith, Typhoon H, Parrot Bebop 2, Falcon 8+ drone, md4-1000 and so on. Besides, the air decompression module, auto cable reel, and the tethered box can be customized to meet customers’ special requirements.


  • Unlimited drone tether power design with 7x24 hours’ operation.
  • Wider industrial applications with cables of up to 200m flight altitude.
  • The most cost-effective tethered solutions for commercial drones.
  • Can be adapted to different drone aircraft.
  • Integrated design combining tethering system with plug and play for different missions.
  • Customizable to meet specific drone requirements.


  • Air decompression module
  • Auto cable reel
  • Ground power supply device
  • Tether box


MMC T1 Tethered drone power allows drones to perform long-endurance flights, potentially lasting hundreds of hours. Offering the widest range of compatible drones and payloads on the market, the T1 tether power is especially suited for: persistent aerial surveillance, temporary telecommunications, traffic monitoring, mobile network relay station,industrial inspection, air monitoring, aerial broadcasting and so on. With T1 Tethering system, MMC’s tethered drone TDrone 1200 can keep 7x24 hours flying for different missions.

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