Xena 900

Xena 900 is a fully foldable and light drone for travel specifically, it can be installed in 2 mins. With the customized backpack, one can run to the mission without concerning about crashing the drone. Besides, its heavy-lift capacity and flight time, along with the generally compatible payloads connector allow it to accomplish any mission. This drone is also developed for research and development in new fields, it’s available for SDK and other external devices to control or monitor for the mission. With it, you can build your unique drone.

Complete Foldable Design

- Foldable but easy to install (in 2 mins);
- Modularized design for a better reliability and stability;
- Carbon frame with a lighter weight for a better flying efficiency;
- Foldable propellers and detachable landing gears for travel convenience.

- MMC industry- level flight control for a better flying performance;
- Plug and play connector for any payload;
- Customized backpack package for shock/drop resistance and mountain area work.

- Mining;
- Inspection;
- Surveillance;
- Traffic control;
- Power line stringing;
- Emergency responding.

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