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To provide better support to clients, MMC not only manufactures professional UAVs but also provide MMC Rental Center.Aiming to offer the best equipment with excellent seamless professional drone rental service to solve all your problems.MMC Rental Center  is a new revolution for the whole UAV industry, which will also lead commercial drone service providers to a higher return on investment and more developing stage. MMC is determined to build more comprehensive drones rental centers worldwide.

Comercial UAVs service industry predicament

MMC leads the market in high return applications for drone technology, such as public security, aerial inspections, power line stringing, and surveillance. But while the return on investment for industrial uses is relatively low, customers may hesitate to make an initial investment in a commercial drone before seeing what they can do. In addition, customers who may need drone technology for several different applications find that renting on an “as needed” basis makes more sense than investing in a fleet of multiple aircraft.

While purchasing a drone or many, you also face up with a lot of upcoming responsibilities:

1.take care of drones
Investment on the drone is much more than the price of drones.The commercial drone service provider needs to hire engineers and pilots, also repair and customize drones. Drone is a new technology, can not be like cars, very stable. It is quite often to get a crash or some unexpected problem. It really cost a lot to handle this.

2.Educate the end users
It takes a long time to convince end user to accept drone service, sometimes you need to constantly present and demonstrate again and again.

3.Develop data analyze program
Data is the need of customers, not the drone. It takes a lot of time and cost to develop the database, cloud, and report. To be a professional drone service provider, they need to be the industrial expert first.

MMC Rental Center development

MMC has gained valuable experiences by building One Stop MMC Rental Centers at India, Indonesia, Germany already, it has a significant result on benefiting all of us. Based on that feedback, MMC is planning to set up more and more MMC UAV Rental Solution in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, and South Africa.


1.All industrial drones for free
Including hydrogen fuel cell drones, tethered drones, A6 plus drones, Phoenix plus drones, ground station,etc., all new coming drones produced by MMC.
2.Free maintenance service
including crash-repair. All cost of service is on MMC, drone parts maintenance, payloads, spare parts and tools, software update.
3.Free pilots and business developer

1 person for professional pilots training, minimum 2 months, paid by MMC.

4.Demo and on-site support

Official and local promotions support, drone demos, exhibitions and marketing materials, full technical resource support.

5.Customized drone & payloads

Customize the drone, such as developing a new payload. All cost is on MMC unless drone service provider need the service.

MMC Rental Center: All the Benefits, None of the Problems

MMC will do best to maximize the benefits for our partners, we here sincerely inviting all

helicopter rental enterprises and commercial drone service providers
to join MMC Rental Center cooperation! Which is going to bring you the best news ever!

Case study

MMC cooperated with the India partner Skyport to build India's first one-stop rental center, Skyport provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly drone solutions for a company, the CEO of MARQUE said "We only need to pay the leasing costs of the total solution of UAV radar system, then we can use this UAV system for power line Inspection, railway inspection, and other aerial inspection services, the Rental Center help us to save at least half of the cost"

In developed countries, MMC’s German partner Heliseven is a local helicopter company that can provide comprehensive helicopter services, such as helicopter rental service, pilots training, helicopter maintenance, and sales, etc.

The Heliseven’s CEO Thomas said" We were looking for a drone manufacturer to provide us industrial drones, because drones can help us to complete the mission with lower cost, and some of our clients also asked if we could provide industrial UAV rental or solutions. To meet the various requirements, we want to include multi rotor UAV into helicopter rental service, and it is an inevitable trend. We firmly believe that this combination can bring us a greater future for aerial services.”

Welcome to join MMC Rental Center partnership

Welcome to consult us for more details and we will be so much delighted to have you as our partners in the near future!.

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