Demo of A6 Drone Solution

15th December 2017

This client is from a local firefighting department, they need to accomplish forest searching and firefighting rescue mission regularly.

Helicopters were adopted for those missions before they learned MMC drones can realize the same task with a lower cost, MMC Germany Rental Center was asked to do a demo for them.

MMC Drone Solution

As most of their missions happens in the evening, the demo was set at night, A6 ground station and low light camera were employed as a whole set of drone solution.

MMC ground station can reach the military level after adjustment, the newly released low light camera is perfectly combined with the thermal imagery function, and both of image can be presented in the screen more clearly than other similar products.

Customers were so satisfied to see those achievements that they decided to order our drones immediately.

MMC Germany Rental Center


ADD: Mannheim, Germany

Industrial Experience: Over 20 Years’ Experience of Helicopter Training, Mapping and Inspection.

UAV Experts: 5 Aircraft Engineers, 3 Software Developers and 15 Pilots.

Equipment: 13 Helicopters, F6 Plus Drones, A6 Plus Drones, Agriculture Drone and HyDrone 1550.

Service: Helicopter/UAV Training, Mapping, Mining, Construction, Utility & Energy Inspection, Security, Survey, Agriculture, etc.

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