It is very difficult to carry out stringing in the rugged or mountain terrain, where the safety of the wokers is questionable. It also consumes more time and money.

a. Stringing over hot lines;
b. Crossing over plantation or forest;
c. Crossing the valley or rivers;
d. Stringing between mountains;
e. Towers which can’t be easily accessible by roadways.

Suzlon- Wind Turbine Inspection

There are over 500 towers in this wind farm, the client adopted MMC Garuda drone with 24x Zoom camera to do the inspection work.


Before, the inspection work can only be achieved by the human, their equipment is the telescope and their eyesight.
a. Subjective judgment on wind turbine working situation;
b. Huge cost of human inspection in 7*24 hours;
c. Human safety risk of climbing tower for checking work;
d. Time expense of recording data.

South of India- Mapping for mining field

Generally, most of the missions that India MMC accomplished on mapping was in the mining field, usually it happens in the mountain area, which is a tough task to the manual mapping team.
a. Too cliffy to step in the mountain area in the beginning;
b. Difficult to access marshland with cliff in the middle stage;
c. Water bodies disturbing for manual mapping;
d. Slowly and draggy manual mapping work interrupting on mining

Comments from Client:
“To map this complex area would have taken us weeks using traditional in-site field surveys. In some place, it is completely impossible due to the impenetrable density of the vegetation.

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