Hi-Res 40X Zoom Camera

FLIR Vue thermal camera with gimbal

GoPro with gimbal | HD Image, Precise Capture

Sony 5100 with gimbal | Clear image | precise capture

SONY A7RII with Gimbal | Clear image | precise capture

Laser rangefinder with 30X zoom gimbal camera

Parrot Sequoia+ with gimbal

Intelligent dropping payload with FPV camera

Loud speaker with FPV camera

Spotlight with gimbal <5000Lux>

Floodlight with FPV Camera

Detachable Tether System

Dual-Lens Camera with Thermal and 40X Zoom

High-Precision Three-axial Gyro-stabilized Gimbal with 4X Digital Zoom

4X digital zoom 4-megapixel HD camera panoramic dropping system

3.5kg Load IPX7 Multirotor Power System with High Heat-Dissipation Efficiency

30X optical zoom camera that has both night vision mode and high-resolution color mode

With a panoramic camera that can conduct 360 -degree recording of the environment and supports high-precision real-time detection of up to 80 different kinds of gases