Project Description


Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV

Griflion M8 is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV with the V-shape tail which is made of composite material. Griflion M8 is capable of long-distance cruise flying, features long duration time, fast cruising speed, and high working efficiency, etc. Griflion M8 is compatible with the orthographic camera, the oblique camera, and electro-optical pod to run a high precision surveying or patrol mission.

Long Flight Range


Fast & Efficiency

Comprehensive Industrial Chain

VTOL+Fixed Wing

Features one-bottom auto VTOL under multi-rotor mode, take-off and landing with no restriction, automatically switch to fixed wing mode after take-off.

Composite Carbon Fiber Material

Composite carbon fiber fuselage can reduce the weight massively and keep the strength of the structure.

Various Payload Options

Compatible with the orthographic camera, the oblique camera, and zoom camera, to fits the demands of different application scenarios.

Mission Planning, Support RTK & PPK

VTOL and cursing are powered by two sets of individual power supply, up to 200km operation range, avoid the risk of low voltage while landing; Support precise RTK take-off and landing function and PPK positioning.

High-Precision Survey and Inspection Expert


Max. flight time


Max. Payload Capacity


Max. Operating Range

5Hz(up to 100Hz)

RTK/PPK Refresh Rate

Various Application Scenarios

Griflion M8 can be widely used in Land Surveying, Geological hazard rescue, Mining, and Construction field, etc.



Take-off and Landing

Fuselage Material


Net Weight

Weight(Without Payload)

Max. Payload Capacity


Max. Clime Rate

Efficiency Cruise Speed

Max. Flight Speed

Flight Duration

Max. Flight Range


Griflion M8


Composite material & Carbon-Fiber

2500 mm/1486 mm

5.5 kg

10 kg

1~2 kg

12 kg

7 m/s

90 km/h

126 km/h

150 minutes

200 km


Data-link Radius

Absolute Ceiling

Mode Switch Altitude

Positioning Accuracy

Positioning Method

RTK/PPK Refresh Rate


Assembling Time

Disassembling Time

Max. Wind Resistance Level

Working Environment Temperature

IP Level

15 km

5000 m

120 m



5 Hz (Up to 100 Hz)

Auto Take-off and Landing, Auto Mission, Black Box Function

5 minutes (Individual)

10 minutes (Individual)

Level 6 (12m/s)

-20 ~ 60 ℃