MMC drone solutions have been widely applied into precision agriculture, power lines string,
public utilities inspection, mapping/ GIS, monitoring and delivery. 6 years’ professional
experience has scattered our success cases worldwide, from Asia, Europe to America,
which contributes to a skillful and expertly team on drone solution providing.

drone for power line stringing
Powerline Stringing Drone Solution

Spider – The King of Power line Stringing

MMC can not only design, manufacture and sell UAVs for power lines stringing and infrastructure inspection, but also provide a complete set of solutions, among which the most sophisticated one is “ Spider”, the drone solution of power line stringing. MMC provides drones, schemes and pilots team to help finish stringing project without deforestation, damage to farmland and environment. MMC's professional pilots team has six-year experience of power line stringing and had successful cases in Asia such as Bhutan and Indonesia. For further information of the solution, please contact
Phoenix Plus

Phoenix Plus– The most trustworthy power line inspection UAV

MMC Phoenix Plus is the ultimate Drone that can carry a heavy payload and secure it while It working in the air. In many UAV applications, especially when using some very Hi-Tech sensors, which worth half million or even higher cost, you always want to make sure they are fully secured and efficiently workable in the most complicated mission and other worst case scenario.
Phoenix Plus

Swift-Multiple Operating Modes

Swift precision agriculture drone is a turnkey solution to drive productivity. With the latest spraying system and most useful terrain-following radar, Swift can accomplish agricultural task at the most economic cost. Optional spray systems, dose monitor and break point continue to spray are giving farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage.
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