MMC Aviation Academy

MMC Aviation Academy is a drone pilot school located in MMC Tech Park. It's one of the few qualified institutes that can offer AOPA certification required courses in China. MMC is the leader of industrial drone manufacturer, and you can choose the most useful drone training courses and become commercial drone operator in MMC Aviation Academy. More drone pilot job opportunities start here!

What you can learn and get here?

- Professional drone pilot training course package(basic & intermediate)
- MMC drone pilot certification
- Commercial drone payloads operation knowledge
- Hydrogen drone system operation knowledge
- Industrial drone applications:
. Power line stringing
. Power line inspection
. Crop spraying
. Aerial Photography
- Industrial drone assemble & maintenance
- UAV Job opportunities worldwide

MMC Aviation Academy offers courses for both recreational drone fliers and commercial drone operators. Commercial operators completing industrial application training can establish themselves as leaders in their chosen field of expertise, expanding their job opportunities and advancing their careers within enterprise organizations.

Industrial Drone Application Courses: Power Line Stringing

Did you Ever think of drone to do power transmission work? Here in MMC, you will have the most experienced drone coach to learn about this application. From site preparation, flight plan, pilot and co-pilot cooperation,you can command all the knowledge about how to do power line stringing by using MMC Spider drone.

Industrial Drone Application Courses: Power Line Inspection:

MMC’s certified drone pilots and industry engineers, combined with our professional sensors, have been undertaking inspections and surveys for the electricity sector since 2010. Here we offer the various drone&sensors courses and expert coach for our clients to learn how to do professional transmission and distribution tower inspection.

Industrial Drone Application Courses: Crop Spraying

Asian region has the largest area of rice/paddy field, where there is a great need of crop spraying work. MMC spraying drone is designed to promote economically and Eco-friendly crop spraying method. This drone application courses can help you to learn how to do efficient pesticides spraying.

Industrial Drone Application Courses - Aerial Photography

This pilot training course is designed to teach you how to fly your drone and get amazing aerial photos and videos for clients. Learn how you can use your drone to capture data and turn it into useful show reel for your clients.

Why Choose MMC Aviation Academy?

- AOPA certified coach
- Rich experience in professional drone pilot training
- Various drone payloads available to operate
- Spacious classroom and drone pilot training field
- Pilots job opportunities at MMC

Join one of the fastest growing commercial drone companies in the world! We provide job opportunities for commercial operators in our expanding overseas branch offices, and will train qualified candidates. We offers great pay, great benefits and a supportive and collaborative work environment.

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